Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August Atrocities

So we are barely raecovering from what ended up being one of the funnest gigs in some time. A backyard full of crazed maniacs descended upon a north end backyard in order to participate in a video shoot for "Squeeze and Squint Until Your Eyes Water". It was incredible. Costumes, violence, insanity...You can bet that we will do everything we can to shove the finished results down your throat at our earliest convenience! Thanks to Shawuna for hosting and thanks to Ackerman for all the behind the scenes help. Look to him and Dylan Baillie to put together this thing and become rich and famous in the process.
Shaun and Rip can't believe it. Videoshoot pic by Will Hill

So August will be busier than usual for us. for starters, we will be headed out for the long weekend, playing the Lethbridge Zombiefest on Saturday, August 3rd. We are pleased to play along with Disciples of Power, Death Toll rising, Kryosphere, Psycotik Tantrum and The Avulsion at the Moose Hall. Doors at 6pm, Music at 7pm.

We will then slide back into Saskatoon at the Sweat Lodge for an action packed night with Flash Out, Exoskeleton and Grimace. tickets are $5-10 on a sliding scale basis.Doors at 7pm, music at 7:30pm. Flash Out intend to get shitty all night long, so beware...
It also seems like we will be playing FOUL COPSE in August. It's Manitoba's fun-filled generator fest in a damned forest. It's a new summertime tradition and we plan on annoucing the complete details in the days to come. It might be time for a new shirt design soon as well. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Get Ready to Have Your Pants Shitted.

Okay, so with summer finally happening in this sad locale, we are as happy as we are sad to announce that
we will be playing at Negative Space one last time on June 28th. The show itself is notable in that we will be playing with Ahna, Powercup, Cetascean, Flash Out, Parfumerie and Schaghnum. Sadly, this is going to be one of the last events in this DIY event center. It's been a near-flawless run over the last couple of yearsand it will be greatly missed. Come and lose your shit one last time with a host of some of the best in this town. Tickets are $10 at the door and music starts at 8:30pm sharp.

Also, we are shooting a video this summer. It's going to be half as regrettable as the first video. The plan is to buy a shitload of beer and putting a call-out for people in Winnipeg who who like to be in our video and drink free beer sometime around the end of July.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Sorry, we just don't keep in touch as much as we should, do we? Well it's time to update the old blog here in Shitsville. I suppose there are a couple things to announce.
For starters, have had a line-up change. Back in October, Jean Louis announced his decision to leave the band after almost ten years of hard work and interesting and exceptinoal playing as a principal songwriter. We wish him all the best in his future endeavers. We also parted ways with 2nd guitar player Jay Edwards.
Replacing both will be Anders and Ripley from local crust-ragers, Flash Out. We have discovered since jamming with Anders in December and Ripley in Janaury, that both of these players bring a sense of excitement that the rest of us original members may or may not have been lacking over the last couple of years. Since they started jamming with us, the band has picked up a good 15 old tunes and we are ready to pick up where we left writing. We promise to enter into the studio at some point to be determined. It's been a frustratingly slow point in the history of this band, but rest asured that things are picking up. Which brings us to the second piece of the putrid puzzle.

We are beyond estatic to announce that we are playing our ten year anniversary show on May 4th, 2013 at the Windsor Hotel with our friends Satanic Rights and Dead Ranch. Music at 10 pm or so. We will play a few old ones, reaching as far back as the Occult Blood and Excrement demo as well as all the current hits that we play all the damn time. For us, we are happy to hit this milestone. We will have some fresh new merch for sale and we seek to share the night with the jerkiest of jerks. Over the past ten years we have met some fantastic people, played some crazy shows and it feels great to still feel like moving forward. We sincerely look forward to partying with crazy idiots on May 4th.

The Manitoban did a quick story on us in preparation for the show. Check it out here:

Thanks for everything, friends! See you soon...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vaskatoon + Grimmgore + Aussie Grind Madness

Hey, holy chirst in a sidecar, has it been a long time since anything was added to this fantasti-blog of bullshit and chaos. It isn't that we haven't been sort of half-assedly jamming on a part-time basis, it's just that hammering out stinking piles of brutal shit-caked riffery isn't exactly news worthy on a weekly basis. But rest assured, things are happening, even if they are only happening at a half-headed snails' pace.

We are settled into our new jam spot and are re-learning a couple old tunes off the first album. To celebrate this crap, we are headed out to Saskatoon on November 17th to play there for about the 7th time since we started the band back in the 00's. Looks like we are playing with DKES?0F8USFD[K and Narcissistic. Great times await!

And once we return, we will be playing the first basement show we have played in years. Man, those werethe days! Police cars, drunk tanks, drunk arseholes...

We will be playing with CLOUD RAT from Michaigan and THEDOWNGOING from Sydney, Australia (!) as well as PLAGUE on Monday, November 26th. It's going to be packed which is nice because the sad news is that this gig will be the last that Jean Louis Wittinger wil be playing with us. Jean Louis has been at the core of this band since its' inception and has recently decided to stop futily banging his head against a wall listening to the same stupid stories about the same lame people.It's been a real joy to have him in the band and we are sad to see him go. More info on a replacement to follow. And no, we do't need your bullshit fucking melodic death metal influences, so you can just fuck off and leave us alone, thanks. Anyhow, the show is happening at All The Way House at 651 Home Street. Cover is $6 for the out of towners. Doors at 7pm, music at 7:30pm sharp.

Well that's all for now, dog shits. See you in 2013!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arsonfest 2012



GOWL (ct)

Doors at 6:30pm, Music at 7pm
both events take place at
$15 a day, tickets available at the door

Exclusive local record distro by Mass Deadening

brought to you by mount elgon productions

Monday, March 26, 2012

Summers' Laughter part 1.

Alright then. So in case you missed out, we recently played at the Cavern in Winnipeg with Cetascean and Zombie Assault. Or as it is now known as "The Crator". Bloody hell. Good times. We will see if we are ever allowed back to trash theat place ever again.

Up next for us is an opening slot at the upcoming AHNA/WOLBACHIA split 7" release party happening at Negative Space in Winnipeg on April 11th. IT will be our first time at this awesome venue and in addition to the two bands of honour, we are looking forward to playing with Squamosh maniacs PRISON VIOLENCE and FIENDISH, who we are told are members of Archagathus and Loutish worshipping Autopsy. Holy shitballs! This gig of brutality should be a gas. $10. Starts at 7:30pm, show over by 11:00pm.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Putrescence/Archagathus split 7" back in stock

Hey, we just got in a few copies of the under-promoted Putrescence/Archagathus split 7". Never heard of it? That's too bad. Don't own it? Mailorders are happening now.
People who understand the CDN postal system know how abysmal it is. So, just for this particular blog update, the first 5 orders come with a free copy of the Putrescence/I Die Screaming split 7". Since the cost of shipping doesn't change, it makes good sense to offer this shit up. Two records for the price of one!... paypal orders are postage paid as follows: $12 Canada/$12 US/$18 world.
paypal: alexander(dot)michael(at)gmail.com